Auto Brokers Practice Transparency, Dealers Do Not!

The truth cannot change, and though few may disagree, the reality is that Dealer in trying to sell the car use their jargon-filled vocabulary that can be a little misleading for the buyer.

For someone who does not have that experience in the automotive industry can easily fall into the trap set up by the dealers selling a car at a price that can be too heavy on the pocket.

Auto Brokers are transparent! The role of an auto broker is to explain the process, make the technical terms understandable by the buyer, and fetch deals that can are lucrative.

Why choose a Car broker over a Car Dealer?

Car brokers are experts that have ample experience in the car dealing business and can use their knowledge to help the buyer in the best possible way. Ask this question to yourself, “why to shop for a car alone when you can have expert help to guide you?”

You are not a professional buyer, and getting that knack of the industry is not enough to make a good deal. Often, buyers end up paying more than they should have, and many brokers have come out in the open sharing their experiences on how dealer mooch on buyers hard-earned money.

Advantages of hiring a Car Broker:

  • Experts in Negotiating:

One thing that we cannot let go if is the negotiating skills of a broker. They are good at it and know where to catch that bone and treasure it.

For a buyer who has no knowledge of how the dealer works and the commission system behind their fancy terms, hiring a car broker can be a pure blessing. Also, it saves you a lot of time where you do not have to take the pains of going from dealer to dealer in an effort to get the best price.

  • Market Reputation:

Research about the broker and see what reviews he has online. Market reputation is a must to check before getting any service from a car broker. An experienced, well versed, and an intelligent broker will have a good rapport in the market. He will help you in the best possible way where all your needs for buying that perfect car will fulfill.

  • Experience Matters:

There is no denying the fact that when it comes to buying a car, having an experience can play a great role in making that swift and lucrative deal. Car brokers are well versed with the system, and because they have spent years researching, making connections with the dealers, finance houses, and more they can help a client in several different ways.

Watch out!

The automotive industry is tricky, and one needs to be aware of what they are putting their hands into before they make decisions on whether to get help from a car broker or a dealer. Car brokers are often former car dealers and because they have already good established relations with many dealers around, they can help you get that perfect deal. But, it can also mean that they can set commissions with car dealers and purposely try to sell you a car making money off you.

  • Not every car dealer can be trusted. Someone who follows ethics and is true to his job will have a well-built reputation with happy clients. 
  • Do your research before you hire a broker, leave no stone unturned. 
  • Ask questions as much as possible to assess the skills of a car broker. 
  • Always go for a licensed car broker. There are many brokers working in the industry who are not licensed and are giving services illegally. 

At Signature Auto, we are all about working ethically and making our clients happy. Sam and Sergey have been in this business for quite a while now and have built a reputation that speaks volumes about their credibility in the market. They are rough and tough against the competitors, always giving the best services to their clients.

Service Offered & Benefits of Hiring an Auto Broker – Explained

Car buying can be as easy as you want if you have the guidance of an expert auto broker. Many people find it difficult to make a deal and get a car at a discount. Some people end up spending more than their budget, putting them in a little bit of a fix. So what will happen next? You buy a car, which is pricey, and now you are worried about credit bills.

Getting a loan from a bank is not going to be easy either. Usually, banks charge more than a financing company could, but which financing company to get a loan from can again be a problem. For an individual who is not aware of the market, an auto broker can be a blessing.

Services & Benefits offered by an Auto Broker:

An auto broker works in the interest of the client. Unlike dealers who are promoting one brand, auto brokers have vast exposure and links that they can use to help their clients get a car. Read below to learn about the service & benefits of hiring an auto broker:

  • Knowledge of the Market:

It is obvious that auto brokers will have vast exposure and knowledge about market trends. To make a steal, they will know at what time to invest in buying the car and catch the deal when prices are likely to dwindle. It will help the client save some extra bucks. A buyer cannot collect so much information as an auto breaker can, simply because it is their business. We are busy in lives and cannot take extra time out just to research the prices and look at car models. Of course, buying a car is a big decision but alone we cannot find a good deal. People often go to the dealer and purchase the car directly. You can do so, but those who are looking to make a good deal and save some bucks, an auto broker can be of great help.

  • Links & Connections:

Auto brokers form a connection with dealership companies and financing houses. They are not just connected with one brand but multiple vehicle brands, which is why they can help you get the best vehicle of your choice and needs. All you have to do is to call an auto broker can and tell them what you are looking for in a car or a vehicle that you are willing to buy. After that, the auto broker will analyze the market and give you options that will suit your pocket. The final decision will be yours!

  • Save Time & Money:

Auto brokers can help you with a loan, get fleet discounts, and offers on every purchase that you make. Whether you are looking to buy a car for personal use or commercial purposes, an auto broker can fetch you a fleet discount, which an individual can find it extremely difficult to get. Usually, dealership companies will not give fleet discounts to individual buyers, as those discounts are for bulk purchase, as in the case of a transportation business. But, an auto broker can sneak in and help get you a discount nonetheless. There are ways in the market that an experienced auto broker can use it to the advantage of his client.

Brokers at Signature Auto are going to make your purchase worth it! 

We have expertise, knowledge, and connections that we use for our client’s benefit. Not only will you get the best deal, but also services and other perks that will come with the purchase of your new vehicle on discounts as well. We try to make our client sorted with everything while making the purchase, and as much possible, we try to include perks and features by negotiating with the dealer, so the client gets the best services. We make the process quick and easy as we take care of the paperwork saving you time for collecting the papers yourself. From the beginning, until the deal gets final, we are with you through thick and thin. For us, making our clients happy is our only priority. Signature Auto promises to deliver nothing but the best!

Who to Choose – Dealer or Auto Broker?

Finding a good deal on a dream car? Hold up, buddy! You might want to know some of the market tricks before you make the purchase. Usually, people go up to car dealers, take a look at the car and whatever comes in their budget, they buy it. But, you may end up paying more than you intended. On the other hand, car brokers can help you save money on every deal you make. Do you want to know how? Let us first understand the roles played by a dealer and an auto broker.

Who is a car dealer?

In layman’s language, a car dealer is a person who works directly with a client to sell a car. Usually, the car dealer will be working with a dealership company or own one. A car dealer can only work with whatever brands it deals with and sell those to the customer. Usually, a dealership will have only one brand of car to sell. For example, a dealership of Toyota will sell all available models of the Toyota brand. 

Who is an auto broker?

An auto broker is someone who makes the car buying easy for a client. He is a mediator between the client and several car dealership companies. Also, an auto breaker does not work with just one dealership but has many at hand. They are working not to sell or promote one brand but are working to fulfill the needs of the client and fetch them a car that will suit their budget. Also, an auto broker can be working to sell any vehicle from cars, minivans to LMVs and more. It depends on how good the car broker is and how many connections he has in the market.

Now, that you know the above, let’s get down to what makes each  a car dealer and a broker work differently from one another. Who to choose, a dealer or a broker to buy your next vehicle? We have made it simple for you to make the choice. Read below:

The difference!

A Car dealer works in a more traditional way where the buying and selling are direct with the customer, and they offer only what the brand is promoting. They cannot give discounts as such and the offers that they make depend on the financial decision of the brand company. Also, car dealership companies are concerned about making money as on every sale they make good money. More than the interest of the client, they are worried about their profits.

Auto brokers are pretty much a new concept, and not many people know about their working in the market. Not to be biased, but yes, auto brokers can help you save a handsome sum if they have that expertise and links in the market. Auto brokers are not working with one dealership and also because they have several links, they can help a client in a number of ways. Especially, if the client is not sure of which car to buy, an auto broker can come up with several options that a client can choose from and sign a deal.

Also, because brokers are working for the client, they keep their client’s interest as their priority and not care about the car dealership companies as such. But, having a connection is a strong point as many times, dealership companies offer a fleet discount. An individual buyer cannot fetch that fleet discount, but an auto broker, because they are dealing with multiple clients at a time, can help get you’re a fleet discount. Not only this, for those seeking loans – auto brokers can help reduce the interest rate by linking clients with those finance companies which are offering far fewer rates than a loan at a bank.

In a nutshell!

Car dealerships are straightforward, and the price they offer is fixed, but an auto broker can help get the deals and save you some bucks. The choice is ultimately yours to make. It depends a lot on what auto broker that you choose to hire because only rough and tough brokers can help with your car buying needs and make the process easy. From paperwork to everything in between, car brokers can help save you time, money, and the unnecessary headache that one goes through researching and studying the market to get the best car according to one’s budget. An auto broker can do it for you in much less time, saving your time and money both.

Signature Auto has all the essential tools and elements required to help our customers in the best possible way. Car lease, buying a brand new vehicle, second-hand deals, and more, we have solutions for all your problems. Purchase through our broker! Book an appointment now to get a free consultation. We bet you won’t regret your decision to hire Signature Auto!

Curious to know why use a car broker?

The term that may be relatively new to you, but a car broker can save you a lot of time and money in fetching you the best available deal in the market. A car broker is someone who works in the benefit and interest of a buyer. Unlike dealership agencies, who are trying to sell the brand, a car broker is concerned with selling the best car that will suffice the need of the buyer rather than selling a brand.

So here are the reasons as to why you should use services by car broker rather than making a deal with a dealership company:

#1 Saves time

People who are looking for a quick purchase, especially those who are in the transport business and willing to buy cars in bulk, a car broker can save you a lot of valuable time. They have connections and a stronghold of the market which makes the perfect people for this job. Unlike an individual who is new to the market is trying to purchase with a good deal, a car broker already has a vast area of knowledge regarding buying and selling of cars. Also, they are aware of the market trends and can best catch the deals that a buyer cannot do so easily. They save you time, as you do not have to make the research at all. All is done for you by the car broker.

#2 Saves Money

A good car broker can help save a lot of money. They are not working to promote one brand, so that means they can help you get the best car, a model of the brand that suits your pocket. Also, they can help you get deals and discounts as they have links with many dealership companies. Now, one may think that a car broker can make a commission by working with dealers. This is not the case if a broker holds a good reputation in the market. A broker will never try to sell his client a brand but will try to bring a variety of options on the table for the client to choose from.

#3 Makes Loans easy

People who are looking to buy their car on loans, getting it from a bank can be a bad idea. A car broker has many financing houses in their connection. Also, the car which a buyer is interested in, the same dealership company can give an option of in-house financing. A broker will study and research the loan details of both the in-housing financing and externally working finance houses. Also, he will look into bank interests and more. The best option will be given to the buyer from where to make a choice becomes easy. Now, only a professional broker can make a loan taking process easy. So one must invest and hire a good car broker.

#4 Varieties of Options

With so many dealers in connections, a car broker can present a variety of options to you. After analyzing your need, budget, and interests, a broker will try to find a car that will be in your best interest. A person who does not necessarily have a choice in cars and looking for something in the budget, car broker plays a vital role for them in such situations. They can bring quite many car models to you that will help save money, will be fulfilling your needs, and make it a worthy deal.

#5 Best Deals on the table

It is a fact that car broker can bring the best deals on the table for their clients. Look at the bigger picture! You go to a car broker, tell them that you are looking for and the next thing you know, you have a variety of options to choose from and great offers that only a broker can bring. Getting a car from a dealer directly will be on a fixed price and all the formalities can become a tedious job. A car broker uses his connections and tries to bring discounts, as car dealers have fleet discounts that they do not give to individual buyers so easily unless one is ordering in bulk. But, with the help of a car broker, an individual buyer can sneak into that fleet discount as well. It is like a cherry on top of the cake!

Is there anything left more to your curiosity? Undoubtedly, hiring a car broker is in one’s benefit but what a buyer should be careful of is in making the right choice. 

We at Signature Auto give tough competition in the market, which means we are all here to make our clients happy. If you are looking for a steal in the market, we are your people! A broker who has a reputation is the one to go for and we are known by our name. Make a clever decision; hire us for your next car deal!